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Three Tenors Encore Bronze Sculpture

Three Tenors Encore Bronze Sculpture
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~35 Sculptures Exist Worldwide Commissioned Artist Broke Moulds
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Three Tenors Encore Bronze Sculpture
By Elliott Arkin
Sole Officially Commissioned Artist    
Historic Three Tenors World Tour 1996-1997

Placido Domingo (1941-), Jose Carreras (1946-),
Luciano Pavarotti, late Italian Tenor (1935-2007)

Rare, Valuable, and Historic Bronze Sculpture
All Moulds Destroyed

"As few as 35 Encore sculptures exist worldwide."
Elliott Arkin 2001

Three Tenors "In Concert" Album
Guinness Book of World Records largest selling album.
"Rome Concert" largest-selling classical album of all time.
"Rome Concert" 1.3 billion PBS viewers 71 countries.

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